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Latest Photos

Jeremy (japgar)


My name is Jeremy and I enjoy taking a few photographs here and there. I prefer landscapes and other things in their natural settings, but I am learning a bit more about other aspects of photography, especially with taking photos of people. I have a Nikon D80 that I have been using for more than five years, and it is an awesome camera, although I’m learning more about it and various lenses all the time. Most of the photos on here are from this camera, but I’ve also got a bunch from my older digital camera and old 35mm camera that are great as well.

I have a photo blog (Jeremy's Daily Photograph) where I put up a different photo each day, so check it out at http://japgar.wordpress.com I try to mix up the photos as much as possible and add a little bit of background or interesting things, so I hope you enjoy the variety!

Anyway, thanks for checking out these photos. Any comments are greatly appreciated!